Research Synthesis Design Solution


Initial critique 01


01 Initial critique


Feedback from the initial critique yielded some of the following comments and considerations:

  • The “three questions” – are they “smart” (adapting to situation?)
  • Can you sort the results (by price, etc…or something like “region”, something “exotic,” best pairing, etc.)
  • Once you have the results can it be more educational?  Explain about wine?  Give people talking points?
  • Why are you folding the e-vite into the wine selection
  • Does it build on your previous searches?  Repeated visits?  Personalization?
  • Extract more out.  Tie back into wine discussion “Eric’s coming with Brunello, what does this mean?"
  • Follow-up:  Here’s what you had.  Education aspect.




IID 2007 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University