Research Synthesis Design Solution


Competitive evaluation 02
Brick and mortar 03

User needs

02 Competitive evaluation


The following wine sites formed our competitive evaluation. In brief:

Best Cellars & Bottlerocket are online and brick & mortar merchants that target novice-intermediate consumers, mainly without dumbing down too much for experts

Cork’d is a community site with some editorial support re: education but allows users to explore down a path through 4 key “features” and current discussions


Best Cellars

  • User-friendly attributes:
    fruity, soft, big, sweet…
  • Price range:
    everyday $15 or best value wines from around the world






  • Browse by how people shop:
    food pairing, rating, price…
  • Filter by common attributes:
    region, body, vintage






  • Community review, link to buy
  • Find related by featured:
    wine, winery, user, grape








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