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Iteration 02


02 Iteration


As we continued to refine our site and transactional flow, we first decided to focus on the novice user in two different contexts: Public and private. The private setting would consist of a personalizable and customizable website, while the public setting would consist of a simplified and stripped-down version of the website to be deployed on a kiosk in the wine store. This would address two common use-case scenarios:

1. Public: To help people make decisions in-store (many of the users we observed passed by the shop right before attending an event, and did not necessarily do any previous research.)

2. Private: To help the aspiring novice track their consumption and increase their knowledge and expertise.

We also felt that the previous emphasis of the prior site and scenario were perhaps too limiting, and that users might wish to receive recommendations even when they were not attending a party. However, we still wished to preserve a social element but augment this with the possibility for personal growth and education.

The change from the original to the final navigation flow can be depicted here:

Other photos documenting the evolution of the design process:





IID 2007 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University