Research Synthesis Design Solution
What Happened Last Night?



Scenario 1

Jack attended the Concert that was held for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and decided that the experience had been so awesome that he had to share this experience on a website he frequently visits called "What Happened Last Night?" He opens the page to create a new post and then enters location and date of the concert. The website then suggest certain stories that are already posted on the website that have been tagged to the same date and time. He reads them and realizes that people have already posted about the comcert. He decides to just add a piece to the existing story to share his experience of the concert.

Scenario 2

Paul decided to go to a fraternity party that was held on campus. The parties were held impromptu because of the unexpected snow days that the college had that year. It was an open party and anyone who was brave enough to face the snow had been invited to attend. He had an amazing time and when he checked his email the next morning, he received an invitation to post his opinion on the party and what happened during it on a website called "What happened last night?". He clicked on the link provided in the email and posted his piece of the story.

He then remembered that his roommate, Jenny had come to pick him up from the party and had probably seen a lot of what was happening then. He informed Jenny that the guys from the party last night had started a thread on "What happened last night?" and he told her she should post there as well. Jenny then logged on the website and searched for stories near the university location. When she found the story about the party from last night, she added a comment to it, and checked it to say that it was a piece of the story and not just a comment. The person who started the thread was then informed that someone from the party had added a piece.

What Happened Last Night? . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University