Research Synthesis Design Solution
What Happened Last Night?


Final Design Features

Sharing Shared Experiences

The unique feature of this website is that it allows a group of people to share an experince/memory/incident that they have in common. People can post different parts of the same story, of different perspectives of the same story and then share it with anyone who views the website

Anyone can post, anyone can view

The information shared on this website is publicaly made available to anyone who visits the website. Any visitor of the website can also share their personal story or memory on this website

Story vs Piece vs Comment

The kind of content that can be added to the website by a user is basically of three kinds - a story, a piece or a comment. A story is what is posted by the creator or the first person to post about a particular incident on a website. A piece is what is added to the story by another person who wants to share more information about the subject of the story, or just have his side heard. A comment is feedback given by any visitor of the site to a story or a piece.

Open/Closed stories

People can choose to make the story they are creating either open or closed. Open stories gives everyone the freedom to add a piece to the story. A closed story however only gives certain people the right to add a piece to the story while others can comment or ask the creator of the story for permission to add a piece.


A person can personalize the website by creating an account which then allows him or her to bookmark their favourite stories, save their location on the wbsite, track the stories they have posted or the pieces they have added. They are also given recommendations based on the kind of stories they have been interested in, and also on the location of the stories they have saved or posted.

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