The Bank of Tomorrow
The Bank of Tomorrow is an interactive websites for kids to manage the money they get from their parents. The parents can control how much allowance the child receives through their existing online banking service. Kids get to use a card to make purchases and are rewarded for paying their online bills and penalized for irresponsible spending.
Spatula is a personalized cooking website that uses technology to enhance a user’s cooking experience. Spatula improves meal planning by enabling users to easily find recipes, gather the requisite ingredients, and, most of all, by guiding the cooking process itself. With Spatula, users no longer have to worry about making their computer messy while cooking in the kitchen, as it features not only voice commands but also novel interactions to facilitate hands-free use.
Sage is a website to help guide people through the nuanced world of cooking and teach them skills to attain their desired fluency.
Je Veux
JE VEUX is more than an online clothing retailer. It is a personal stylist who helps you discover your style and recommends good investment pieces.
Chic Seek is an innovative way to expand your wardrobe; an online department store that helps you find clothes that go well with what you already own.
The cheese counter intimidates people who possess little knowledge about cheese. We propose a two-part system that supports the relationship between cheese customers and cheesemongers. It is composed of a private, online website that provides the customer important information about different kinds of cheeses and a public touchscreen that provides the cheesemonger at the cheese counter information so that he can personalize the service experience for the novice customer.
What Happened Last Night? is place where people can share a story of what happened to them the night before and add to their friends’ stories. After a party or event, people visit the website to relate thier exeperience, and then allow others to tell the story from their point of view, adding to the stories richness.
Grapevine is a website to help the casual wine consumer select wines for any occasion, and support learning in an approachable way. We provide an integrated, adaptive solution to help wine novices learn more about wines for various occasions. Combining in-store shopping guidance with a personalizable website, Grapevine helps users get started and then provides them with the resources to continue to grow their knowledge about wine and discover new things.
Online clothes shopping faster and simplified. The concept is that retailers are linked to one master Accelerate account, which simplifies and expedites the process of searching for clothes and checking out purchases from multiple retailers.
Uniquity is a online web experience that allows fashion aware men to achieve their unique style. Through a novel process of inquiry, we help a man determine his own style, and facilitate the creation of the perfect wardrobe by linking with online partner retailers and offline brick and mortar vendors.
Soirée is an online meal preparation tool to help chefs at any experience level execute an event with multiple dishes. Soirée helps you find and aggregate recipes, shop for groceries with automatically created lists, and cook multiple recipes simultaneously. Soirée is tailored to your cooking skills and the equipment you have on hand.