BID.2010 - Mobile Life
Research Scenario Design Solution


Moments Captured, Feelings Remembered


TCM is a way to create and share personal memories with family and friends that locks away memories while building anticipation in the countdown release of the memories.

In essence, TCM is designed to lock away captured memories for an extended time so that once the user has forgotten about the memory, an overwhelming sense of nostaligia is experienced when the memory is available.

Through the use of Apple's iPhone, information of the memory is captured through various sensors such as camera, mircophone, and GPS.

TCM will then secuely "encapsulate" the moment and release it back to the user on the day of their choosing (after at least a month of freezing period).

When the countdown is up and the memory is released to its subscribers, TCM will integrate external information of that exact date (such as: news, weather, user's calendar) to depict a particular moment that was captured.

Designed By:

Hardini Gada
Michael Lin
Michael Sparandara
Jan Zheng

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University