Research Scenario Design Solution

Time Capsule [M]

Sketches 01


01 Sketches

Initial Sketches

To understand the user experience of TCM, the team sketched wireframes on the whiteboard to constantly iterate on different ideas. The whiteboard was the perfect tool to easily make changes as well as providing a holistic view of the navigational flow. After a couple of hours, we determined the various screenshots that would help shape the identity of TCM.

The wireframes began in "capture mode," which then flows to an upload screen. TCM also has a screen to allow users to view all of their "capsules", both locked and unlocked.

When a capsule is selected, TCM navigates to a screen listing all the memories contained in that capsule.

These individual memories can then be played as video with a linked mode feature - simultaneously playing two videos at the same time that was recorded by separate iPhones capturing the same memory.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University