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03 Wireframes

Rachael wakes up (after iteration)...

In this iteration of the screens, routines are renamed to be more relaxing and understandable to the user. There are also more routines available to the user. Users additionally have the ability to read about a routine if they need additional information. Routines can be customized by using the standard iPhone add button.

When customizing a routine, the user has a choice of adjusting hand, head, or breathing exercises. If they choose one of these options (like the hand for example), they are presented with time options and a map of the hand with points on each unique area of the hand so they can easily specify stretches to their need. They also have the ability to change wallpaper and music during the routine.

NOTE: For the final design of this project, the additional screen for routine description was removed and placed under the respective title in the initial screen. In addition, the changing wallpaper feature was removed as conducting exercises would force the user to cover the screen.

Cork | Jain | Miller | Veerubhotla
BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University