Research Synthesis Design Solution



01 Scenario

Setting the scene

In the end, we decided to create a scenario focused around Letterboxing as an activity that both encourages physical activity, but retains a community feel (e.g. a shared activity,) thus encouraging elders to explore their local environment in small groups. The general setup is thus as follows:

In addition to its usual residents’ programming (bingo, ballroom dancing, etc.) Applewood Estates has put up flyers announcing a new offering for Tuesday mornings:  Letterboxing.

Ruth notices a flyer for this activity in the clubhouse one day, and decides to sign up because it reminds her of when she used to participate in outdoor treasure hunts as a teenager.  Also, it sounds a lot like geocaching – an activity her son and his family sometimes participate in and have told her about before.

Two of Ruth’s friends, Myron and Lorraine, sign up as well.  On Tuesday morning, they go to the condo development’s main desk and check out a “Letterboxing” device.  After a quick tutorial, they are ready to go!

Please continue to the Wireframes section for an illustrated explanation of the rest of the scenario...

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