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Revisions to scenario 03


03 Revisions to scenario

Adaptations made

An interim critique yielded useful information regarding certain elements of our design and scenario that merited further thought and revision.

For example, these included:

  • Concern about how to give seekers feedback about when they were getting close to the destination
  • In the phase where users select the route they wish to take, possible complications of using drop-down menus to sort by distance or difficulty (recommendation was to streamline the process by having people choose one element at a time using large buttons)
  • Suggestions about refining the compass-arrow depiction to be more like a compass, something akin to what older people may have some experience using.
  • Providing the user some way of indicating that they had finished the hunt. When they finish the hunt they will then be prompted to take a picture of themselves with the iPhone.
  •  (example of group taking photo)
  • Increasing the visual aspect of the different possible views (Have "I'm done," photo, and compass views always present as three different logos or icons)
  • The photo would then appear on the Retirement Community's website so that they could have it as a momento for themselves as well as share it with distant family members. (example of website)
  • Providing some means of feedback or statistics at the end of the hunt (e.g., feedback about amount of time taken, number of other people who had gone on this route before, etc.)

We addressed some of these design issues in the final solution (see demo.)

IID 2007 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University