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01 Persona

Meet Ruth McGrath, 79


Ruth's Family Life:

She was widowed six years ago.

She has a son and two grandchildren who live in Reno, NV.

Her son and his family visit occasionally, including every year for Christmas where they stay for a week and a half.

Ruth Visits Reno one to two times a year, but doesn't like to fly.

She has a dog named Percy (Staffordshire Bull Terrier).


Back in the Day:

Ruth is originally from Philadelphia, PA where she worked as an actuary for forty years.

She used to play tennis twice a week when she lived in Philly, but eventually gave it up due to chronic tennis elbow.


Ruth in 2010:

She currently lives in a retirement community in Boca Raton, Florida.

The retirement community she resides in is called "Applewood Estates" and they cater the needs of the senior residents and provide them with a range of activities and on-site dining facilities.

She goes to church every Sunday (Catholic)

Ruth has a cell phone that she keeps with her. She can dial phone numbers and use the preset buttons, but she doesn't know how to preset them herself. She usually has her son do it or one of the staff at Applewood.

She takes the cell phone with her when she goes on walks around the neighborhood.

She has the phone programmed with emergency numbers as well as the front desk at Applewood.


A Typical Day in the Life

•6am: wake up, make coffee, feed Percy, get the newspaper, and eat breakfast

•8am: long walk through the neighborhood with Percy

•10am: watch tennis on TV for a while, knit

•12pm: meet with church knitting group, eat lunch out

•4pm: return home, clean house, rest, let Percy out in back yard

•6pm: fix dinner, feed Percy, watch TV

•8pm: read for a bit, then go to sleep around 9 or 10pm



Ruth wants to remain active, both physically and socially.

She wants to enjoy retired life.





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