Project 3


Tiosk is a tea recommendation kiosk system personalized to a teahouse or tea lounge, that allows customers to browse different types of tea available, learn about them, and also get suggestions based on their mood, preferences and environment.

We visited several tea cafes and talked to customers, baristas and people who buy tea online. From our research phase, we discovered that tea place customers valued their interaction with the barista, and that most tea selection happens within a teahouse, and is heavily influenced by the atmosphere of the teahouse. Based on the research data, we developed two personae, scenarios, system architecture, wireframes and prototypes. The result is a kiosk system that allows people to explore a tea catalog and learn more about teas while still preserving the pleasant interactions and decision processes in the tea experience.

- Nathan Colker
- Ayan Kishore
- Varnali Shah