MyGallery is website designed to support an interactive online art community. It is a place where art enthusiasts can view a vast array of art, collect and learn about pieces they like, share and sell their work, and get recommendations about artist and galleries that they might like based on their preferences.

We want the users to feel like they are the curator of their own personal art gallery, able to tailor their collection to express their interests. Users can enjoy hunting for the perfect pieces to complement their collection and increase their knowledge about their interests without the constraints that reality imposes such as limited availability of works of art and monetary limitations. Users can use the site to incorporate art into their life on a more regular basis than they would otherwise be able to experience.

Our solution also allows the user to view a seemingly unlimited database of artwork, expanded daily by local artists looking to display or sell their work, add art they like to their personal collection, display a portion of their collection to the public in their personal gallery, learn about the paintings as they are collecting and acquire recommendations about artists and galleries (famous and local) that we feel they might appreciate.

KyungMin Kim
Paul Tanner
Rhoni Rakos