The Process

The design process began with defining a problem a mobile phone application would solve. We decided to focus on the needs of people with medical conditions that influenced their eating habits, the elderly in specific, who would be more prone to these conditions. Broad criteria were then discussed that would define the goals of the design to maximize its efficacy, such as simple layouts and intuitive navigation for ease of use, yet with enough functions that it is applicable to a wide audience.

We then created a listed of the functions we wanted the phone to contain and organized them in a navigation tree. The list and the tree were evaluated and iterated on through critical analysis and feedback.

Nav Map 1 Nav Map 2 Nav Map 3 (click an image for a full-sized view)

Preliminary sketches of screen layouts were simultaneously developed, evaluated, and iterated. The screen layout was finalized and rendered in Illustrator, where details could be worked out through trial and error. In this way, the navigation tree and screen layout were merged and polished so that they worked together for the most intuitive navigation while maintaining an aesthetic effect.

Screen Screen Screen Screen (click an image for a full-sized view)