circle_arrow.jpg (2546 bytes)  Other Projects and Distractions

Many of these are older projects.  Some were pursued with vigor for years on and off while others encompassed one late night in the lab.  At any rate I've listed a few of them here.

Teaching Assistant  for
CS184: Foundations of Computer Graphics

Check Legal Tender

Authenticity and anonymity in the web. Let's make it matter.  Time for tele-crime?

Mechanical Gaze

The first if many of my internet telepresence projects.  This one started in 1994 predating even Netscape


Encoding data into interesting symbols

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Parallizing Impulse Based Dynamic Simulation

Computing impulse based dynamic simulation quickly and on a parallel architecture

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Robotics Lab

The original robotics lab I spent many years in before moving into Soda Hall.  I setup their first web server back in 1993 here.

On-Line Colision Avoidance
Using B-Splines

Project investigating using B-splines for robot control.

Assembly of a Model Airplane Engine

Project from back in 1993-4 to us the assembly of a small model engine as a test bed for RISC robotics



A RISC Distance Sensor

Another early project to make a simple, inexpensive accurate distance sensor in the spirit of RISC robotics



Implementation of RISC Workcell Tools

Ideas about all sorts of RISC workcell tools

RISC Peg-In-Hole Operations

Early work from 1992-3 on simple RISC based peg-n-hole operations

Moto Guzzi Gearbox Teardown (Feb 2002)

Timelapse video clip of me tearing my Moto Guzzi LeMans I apart in Feb 2002 to remove the gearbox.

Karl Sims'
Evolved Creatures

Video clip of work by Karl Sims (9MB MPEG)

Karl Sims'
Evolved Creatures

Video clip of work by Karl Sims (9MB MPEG)

Video of a Peg-In-Hole

RISC robotics Peg-in-hole clip from 1993 (MPEG)

Piston Pin

Video of Piston Pin assembly using RISC robotics (MPEG)

San Francisco

San Francisco video clip (MPEG)

Drunken Master

Video clip of Christian Ristow's walking machine I filmed back in 1996  (MPEG)

Smooth Hand

Simple video that has a special meaning to me (Windows Media)

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Survival Research Laboratories

Confrontational industrial dilemmas.  There are also pictures from the many years Mark and I created chaos here.

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Moto Guzzi

Wild project I undertook back in 1993-4 to rebuild one of my Moto Guzzi motorcycles from a completely disassembled state