Implementation of RISC Workcell Tools

A large portion of the industrial manufacturing labor force is devoted to assembly operations. We wish to apply the paradigm of RISC (Reduced Intricacy in Sensing and Control) robotics to this field. RISC robotics is an attempt to fuse automation and robotics technologies. The main idea of RISC robotics is to use only a small set of simple, inexpensive, and accurate primitive tools. These simple tools can then be easily interchanged and/or combined to perform complex manufacturing tasks.

Previous work has already led to the developed a fast, high precision (i.e. 25 microns), self-calibrating peg-in-hole insertion strategy using several very simple, inexpensive, and accurate optical sensors.

Current work is in the development of new RISC tools in the workcell. We hope to provide a minimal set of tools necessary for a benchmark assembly of a model airplane motor.

Some of the simple RISC tools currently being developed are:

Eric Paulos ( / 20 Apr 1994