Research Synthesis Design Solution


Iteration 02


02 Iteration


After our initial presentation of the concept, we received several comments, such as:

  • Design constraint:  It can’t be everywhere
  • 2 versions of interaction:
    • Serendipitous (Just happen across it)
    • Seek it out, know where to go, visual cues to know you’re at the “special spot”…for example, at convenient intersection points, or along long passageways, or perimeter “inescapable.”  Say when you stop  interacting with the thing
  • If moving fast it never comes on (show that it knows what way you’re facing)

  • Shapes?  Colors (for example red = bar, green = sporting events?)  People can ignore it unless they’re specifically interested in green  (more visually pulling together)
  • Be clear about time frames of events (current)

  • Tapping:  Sense of obligation to attend?   How about tap to “like” it, change the wording

  • Other features?  Get your own horoscope for those who aren’t able to attend anything.

  • More visuals.  How far?  (10 minutes, instead of 1 mile)

  • How is this different than a mobile app?  More playful, physicality, people there together






Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University