BID.2010 - Assignment 4
Research Process Design Video Sketch

Quad Challenge

Videos 03

Video Sketch

01 Characters

Meet Chris - Portrayed by Pat

Chris is a sophomore psychology major at the University of Pittsburgh. He played Varsity basketball in high school. Since coming to a Division 1 school, Chris only plays pick-up basketball in the small gym on campus. His best friend from his basketball team in high school went to West Virginia to play basketball for them, so he feels an especially large rivalry with West Virginia. He is dating Kate.

Meet Kate - Portrayed by Iliana

Kate is also a sophomore psychology major at the University of Pittsburgh.  She and Chris have many classes together.  Kate played on her freshman dorm's softball intramural team last year, but she doesn't play any organized sports this year.  She has just started going to Varsity sports events, so she is getting more interested in team spirit.  She is dating Chris.

02 Scenarios

Scenario 1

Chris and Kate encounter the Quad Challenge display for the first time.  Chris is enthusiastic and immediately starts exercising.  Kate is hesitant at first, but she gains confidence as she realizes that she can do a variety of exercises to get points for her team.

Scenario 2

Kate tells her friend about the Quad Challenge, and they go together to participate.  Her friend cheers Kate on in support of Pitt.  Together, they build team spirit.

03 Video

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