Graffiti Karma
Building an appreciation for art and allowing self-expression is important. People, kids especially, need a safe and healthy way to express themselves. Graffiti Karma, a digital spray paint display, provides the ideal environment for this interaction. The best part is that Graffiti Karma also incorporates social awareness, by allowing visitors to print an image of the wall for a $1 donation to the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, Autism Society of America, Red Cross, or the World Wildlife Foundation. video
Shadow Play
Shadow Play is an interactive public display that aims to bring tension and intrigue into an otherwise quiet environment. Characters in silhouetted windows interact to grab the attention of passersby in the space. Silhouettes react to an observer’s gaze creating feelings of guilt and anxiety associated with voyeurism. video
Weee Garden
Weee Garden is an interactive installation located along the hillside path leading up to the stairs along Doherty Hall. The garden is a quiet sanctuary that lets visitors connect with nature and also provides them with a rewarding opportunity to nurture it. video
Quad Challenge
The Quad Challenge is an interactive public display that invites physical activity. It tracks different physical exercises, such as push-ups and jumping jacks, in the surrounding area. This means that it can be installed outside or inside. Many college campuses lack adequate exercising facilities, so this display provides a safe area where people can exercise. video
busface minus minus
busface — (pronounced: busface minus minus) is an interactive installation intended to break the busface. Its intended to engage users waiting at the bus stop in a fun way. The interaction allows users to interact with each other while not forcing them to talk to people they dont want to talk to. video
Where to?
where to? is an interactive, sidewalk-based system designed to help people discover interesting public events that are going on around Schenley Plaza, enabling them to enjoy their free time and engage with the community. video
Smart Shelter
Smart Shelter is created to inform bus riders with the relevant information that they might want to know, the estimated arrival time of all the buses and their availability, alternative routes to the destination, and where the bus will stop for bus riders to get on. The shelter also senses the people around the bus shelter to notify the potential bus riders to bus drivers, so that the bus drivers do not miss any bus riders. video
Continuum is a mobile application to enhance one’s exploration of Allegheny Cemetery. Visitors use Continuum to connect with the history of Pittsburgh and the lives of its deceased residents.
Hillman Library Full-o-meter
The display on the front façade of University of Pittsburgh’s Hillman Library allows patrons to tell how full a given floor is at a glance. There are colored bars corresponding to each floor that use length and color to communicate. The data is gathered from motion sensors at the entrances to each floor. video
Parley is a public interactive system designed to initiate and mediate conversations, located in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood, behind the Stephen Foster Monument. Parley delineates “conversation spaces” on an interactive floor, with discrete cells of color actively reflecting the spatial location of each participant. This arrangement of spaces is modeled after the Voronoi method of decomposing a planar space. video