Research Synthesis Design Solution


Scenario 03







03 Scenario

Insights gained from the research process:

  • Buying and sharing wine is often a social experience
  • Few existing sites target real-life social networks

The original scenario we envisioned was focused around the planning of social events:


Grace was browsing through some Facebook pictures a friend just posted from his trip
to Portugal.  She hasn’t seen him in a while and decides to plan a casual dinner with a
few friends in honor of his return.



Grace starts making party plans and goes to to create an event for the party. is a great website to find some good wines for the menu she’s considering.






Grace answers 3 questions one at a time so that grapevine can learn more about her and the event at hand.








After Grace answers a question, grapevine narrows down its recommendation list and generates the next-best question to ask…






…just like the game “Twenty Questions” except with fewer questions.








Grace sees a list of 10 great wines to go with the occasion. She selects 2 bottles of Madeira wine to celebrate her friend’s return from Portugal.








Grace invites some of her friends and sends the message “Let’s have paella at my place this weekend!"










IID 2007 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University