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Scenario 1

In our first scenario, Debbie's daughter Jane is returning home to visit from college. Debbie is looking for a recipe using Asiago cheese to cook for her daughter. Debbie starts looking online for cheese recipes, but comes across a number of blogs and feels overwhelmed by the amount of text and the lack of specific information to help her with her dish. She then remembers seeing a poster at her supermarket cheese counter. She searches for "Far-way cheese" and is taken to the Far-way Cheeosk website. She finds a prominent link to the recipes page, and is able to filter to Asiago cheese and finds a recipe she likes in just a few clicks. The site also offers her an option to add the cheese to her "Cheese List" for easy purchasing when she gets to the store. Debbie chooses that option, entering her Far-way customer card number as identification, and saves the Asiago cheese to her list. When she goes to the store later that day, Frank accesses her account by scanning her card and helps her find the cheese she was looking for. Frank notices from her purchase history that it's Debbie's first time buying anything resembling a specialty cheese, and is able to tailor his interaction with her to suit her needs. He also mentions that she can find information about any other cheese on that website, or by visiting the counter.

Scenario 1 script:

Narrator: We would like to welcome you to the home of Debbie Peterson, our novice cheese buyer. Debbie just got off the phone with her daughter Jane, who is coming home to visit from college. Jane has requested that her mom cook her a dish made with Asiago cheese. Debbie doesn't know where to start with that, so she goes online. The first thing she finds are a number of blog entries. She's a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information being presented to her, and she's not sure where to go next. Debbie remembers seeing something about a website the last time she bought some Kraft Cheese at the local Far-Way. She types in "Far-Way cheese" into her search bar and is taken to the Cheeosk home portal.

  • Clicks recipes
  • Types Asiago
  • Clicks Sun Dried Tomato Pasta
  • Decides to "Add to her cheese list"
  • Puts in Farway card number and is taken to her cheese list page
  • Goes to Far-Way, is greeted by Frank.

Frank: Afternoon! How can I help you?
Debbie: Oh, I needed a... what was it? Asia-Go cheese? Oh darn... and I even found the specific one I wanted on the store's website.
Frank: Do you have a Far-Way card? Just hold it up to the scanner there. Great! Debbie, right? I'm Frank. I see you have something in your list here - an Asiago d'Allevo! I actually grew up not far from the town of Asiago. Very nice cheese - we just got a few kinds of these in. I'd recommend this variety, we just got it in recently and it's very nicely aged. Would you like a taste?
Debbie: Oh! Well, yes, that would be very helpful.
Frank: Here you are. Did you have a recipe in mind?
Debbie: Yes, a sun dried tomato pasta for my daughter. Oh, this is very good!
Frank: I'm glad you like it. It can be a bit sharp to eat plain, but will be wonderful in that dish. Shall I wrap some for you?
Debbie:Yes, just a small bit please
Frank: Here you go! A pleasure meeting you. Check website for more info - URL is on the cheese sticker, or come back any time with questions.
Narrator: Frank is pleased that he was able to use the system to help his customer. Debbie looks forward to cooking for her daughter and is excited to try something more exotic than the Kraft mac and cheese.

Scenario 2

Initially, we had a 2nd and 3rd scenario. In our final version, we combined these two in the interest of time, and were able to consolidate them while retaining interactions and events we felt were important to share.

Draft Scenario 2:

Debbie wants to host a wine and cheese party. She visits the store in person but does not have any knowledge to help the cheesemonger guide her. She takes his recommendation without participating in the selection of the cheese plate.

Draft Scenario 3:

Debbie is hosting another wine and cheese party, but this time she wants to be more involved in the process of choosing the cheeses. She decides to visit the website before going to the store to learn about some different types of cheeses, and to start putting together her own plate. When she arrives at the store, she has more confidence to engage the cheesemonger in a conversation and is more involved in the selection. While hosting, she is able to share more information about the cheeses and explain to her guests why she made the choices she did.

Final Scenario 2:

Debbie recently went to an event that offered a cheese plate, and she liked the Brie cheese she had there. She decides to plan a wine and cheese party for her friends. She visits the Cheeosk website and finds several varieties of cheese similar to Brie. When she arrives at the store, she has some foundational knowledge to engage the cheesemonger in conversation. When Frank finds out she is planning a party, though, he suggests offering a wider variety of cheeses to help give the plate a bit more character. He assembles a selection of mild cheeses that are in line with Debbie's tastes, and also saves the list to her account as a cheese plate. If Debbie ever wants to recreate that selection of cheeses, it is now stored in the system. Lastly, Frank prints out a copy of the cheese plate for Debbie, so she knows which order to arrange the cheeses and can remember the names of each one. Frank is pleased that he could use the system to help determine his customer's tastes. Moreover, he is glad that he was able to make recommendations that will be more suitable for a party. Debbie feels empowered by her new comfort in approaching the cheese counter, and is excited to share her newfound knowledge with her friends at the party.

Scenario 2 script:

Debbie is at home again. She recently sampled some Brie cheese at an event she went to with her husband. She decides she would like to throw a party of her own on her rooftop deck to celebrate the warm weather and get some of her friends over. She remembers the Cheeosk website and goes online to browse for similar kinds of cheeses.

  • Finds Brie
  • Finds similar cheeses
  • Adds Brie, Camembert, to her cheese list
  • Goes back to Fairway

Frank: Hello, Debbie! How can I help you today?
Debbie: I had a Brie cheese recently and really enjoyed it, so I put a few I thought sounded good onto my list.
Frank: Ah - these are all excellent French soft cheeses. Based on these, I would also recommend a Bucheron; it's a goat cheese from a nearby region in France.
Debbie: mmm... no. I don't think I want to eat goat cheese
Frank: Ok. Well, we do have three new Brie cheeses: Brie de Nangi, Brie de Meaux, and Brie de Melun.
Debbie: Those are all Brie cheeses, right? What's the difference between them?
Frank: Names of towns. They all come from same region. Check out this map!
Debbie: neato!
Frank: I'm curious, are you buying these for any occasion?
Debbie: Yes, I thought I'd throw a party for some friends.
Frank: Ah! In that case, can I recommend one of our basic platters? It's a good idea to offer a variety of cheeses, and while all the ones you've chosen are very good, the differences are very subtle.
Debbie: Ok, that's good advice. Thanks!
Frank: Sure - I'm going to take some of the more pungent ones off this platter, since I think your tastes are more toward the mild cheeses. I'll also add this platter to your account, so if you ever want to order the same thing again, it's saved to the system. You can also view it from home and make changes to it, or create new ones.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University