Research Synthesis Design Demo



Feature List

Private Online Site

  • Ability to search cheeses by categories such as type (e.g., sharp, soft, bloomy, etc.), country of origin, type of milk (e.g., cow, goat, or sheep milk) and type of rennet (animal, bacterial, etc.)
  • Ability to search food as well as wine/beer pairings for specific cheeses
  • Ability to search recipes of dishes that incorporate different types of cheeses
  • Allow users to acquire expert and multifaceted knowledge about cheeses: learn the specific detailed stories behind cheese; read tips on how to select fine cheese at the counter/store; read tips on preparation , storage, and slicing of cheese, etc.
  • A feature that enables the user to build personalized cheese plates using the cheeses in the database as well as guidelines about how to order them on the plate
  • Ability to save cheeses researched/found online to the “My Cheese List” for easier purchase at store
  • Use an existing Far-way card to login to system without having to create an additional accoun and password
  • A glossary of cheese terms such as rennet, bloomy, sharp, etc.
  • Locate the nearest Far-way store with a particular cheese in stock

Public Touchscreen Interface

  • Access customer’s purchase history of cheese to evaluate level of expertise and preferences
  • Allows the cheesemonger to access the customer’s “Cheese List” that contains cheeses they are interested in
  • Enables the cheesemonger to search cheeses in the system's database and show pictures to the customer
  • Enables the cheesemonger to search existing cheese plates as well as modifying them and creating new ones
  • Provides a map of different regions of countries that produce large quantity of cheese and thus enables the cheesemonger to provide more detailed story for each variety of cheese

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University