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We created a persona of what we felt was a realistic user of our product in order to inform and drive our decision making process. By developing personalities and flushing out the details of our fictitious family we really got to know them. We were able to imagine them interacting with our product and preempt potential breakdowns.

Canít we please get a pony?
I swear Iíll take care of it!

...Alexisís grasp of financial planning

Meet George, Helen, & Alexis

live in Ann Arbor Michigan

George & Helen married for 13 years

George: 45, accountant, plays golf, family man, grew up in Chicago

Helen: 42, stay at home mom, involved with local charities, likes to travel, clips coups from Sunday paper

Alexis: 7, loves the Jonas Brothers, really into ponies, totally convinced that the garage would make a sweet stable, wants to be a veterinarian