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Did you know that 46.1% of American families suffer from credit card debt?

We began our design process by identifying what we felt was a relevant problem area: credit education in children. Credit card debt has gone up by 69% in the last 10 years and a staggering 46% of American families are currently suffering. Almost all Americans qualify for a credit card at age 18. Having a credit card presents the opportunity for young adults to spend money beyond their means. This is often a new experience for young Americans and is just as often handled irresponsibly with damaging results. The average undergraduate student has already accrued over $3,300 worth of credit card debt. The growing credit card debt in this country is becoming a sap on our economy as a whole and ruining the lives of irresponsible but innocent individuals.

Since kids are not learning lessons about credit and money management in school, the responsibility falls to the parents to instill these lessons and values in their children. We endeavored to help solve this problem by creating a website for kids that simulates and rewards more adult banking practices through a simulated line of credit.

Richard Cameron | Noah Fishel | Vaishali Jain | Allison White
BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University