Research Synthesis Design Solution


02 Persona

Our persona, Sharron Kovac, is a dedicated mother and hard-working professional. As a medical journalist, she works long hours and often travels between different medical facilities. Often on the go, Sharron covets the time she spends with her young daughter Ellie and husband Milton.

Sharron's main goal involves balancing her workload with her family life. She wants to feel like a better mother, and recognizes that making the most of the time she spends with Ellie will go a long ways towards that.

Experientially, Sharron would like to feel supported by and in touch with her community and neighbors.

End Goals:

  • Make new friends, feel supported
  • Find friends for Ellie
  • Learn about places to take Ellie
  • Learn about local groups and community events
  • Share Ellie's growth and precious moments with friends and family

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University