BID.2010 - Project 2
Research Synthesis Design Solution


SmallWorld connects parents of toddlers to one another. Share memories, explore your neighborhood, find local events and meet other parents in your community!

Define your community: Choose the neighborhoods you and your child spend time in, and want to meet other people from. This will define your geographic community. You'll be able to see posts from and share with all other members of those neighborhoods.

Choose your groups: Find activity or social groups that match your interests created by other people in your chosen neighborhood, there are new groups being formed everyday!

Connect with friends: Invite people you already know, or meet people through our events or groups pages and add them to your friends list!

- Chanhong Min
Amin Nassiri
Aaron Schwartz
Hao Su

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University