BID.2009 - Project 4
Research Synthesis Design Solution

Bag Assist


A kiosk to find your bag at the Airport



Have you ever been hassled by your checked-in baggage not reaching you on time? Been anxious about where they were and wished to be able to know how long the wait would be?

Baggage Assist helps you track your bags at all stages, informs you about its estimated time of reaching the baggage claim and also makes the experience of waiting for them enriching and experience.

With this new system, you could get a text message on your mobile once you arrive at the Airport saying how long it would take your bags to arrive, track their location with the Baggage Assist kiosk and what more, even have them participate in the Giant bag Race!

Waiting for you bag had never been so much fun before. You almost wouldn't notice how time flies by and would never have to be anxious of their whereabouts.


- Justine Aylmer
Jonathan Bidwell
- Varnali shah
Diya Gangopadhyay


BID 2009 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University