Discussions in Human Centered Computing


2:30 - 4:00
107 South Hall

Spring 2000


Eric Paulos

Danyel Fisher

Computers have evolved little over the past few decades.  While their complexity, speed, and power have steadily expanded at an impressive pace, it is our interaction with these machines that lags desperately behind. 

This group will undertake a dialogue aimed at understanding and examining  fundamental issues in the design of present and future human computer interactions.  The format of the meetings will be a related collection of selected readings (2-3 papers and/or book chapters) that will be discussed and evaluated each week. The participants will grapple with current topics and be flexible and open to new ideas within the research field.  Several topics will draw directly from work presented at the Human Centered Computing Seminar (HCC) and thus topics are subject to change.  Other topics will be chosen collectively by the group and its coordinators.  The success of this series depends on drawing from a diversity of backgrounds.  Individuals from all areas of interest, particularly those with non-technical backgrounds, are encouraged to attend.  To be added to the mailing list for this group, send mail to hcc-reading-request@cs.berkeley.edu.   To send info to the group send mail to hcc-reading@cs.berkeley.edu

Previous Semesters:

Fall 1999
Spring 1999

      circle_arrow.jpg (2546 bytes)   Syllabus
21 Jan

 Y2K: Reaction, Hype, Apocalypse

Eric Paulos

  Video, images, press, surrounding issues in the aftermath of Y2K

28 Jan Technology and Advertising

Danyel Fisher

    Video clips brought in by participant.
4 Feb

Is Digital Design A Craft?

Francesca Barrientos

    Selected readings from book TBA

11 Feb Home Medicine, Diagnosis, Ethics

Megan Thomas

18 Feb

Hot Topic Roundup


    Group discussion of topics that have carried over from previous four weeks

25 Feb TBA


3 Mar




10 Mar TBA


17 Mar

Hot Topic Roundup


    Group discussion of topics that have carried over from previous four weeks






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