Discussions in Human Centered Computing


3:30 - 5:00
107 South Hall

Spring 1999


Eric Paulos

Mark Newman

Computers have evolved little over the past few decades.  While their complexity, speed, and power have steadily expanded at an impressive pace, it is our interaction with these machines that lags desperately behind. 

This group will undertake a dialogue aimed at understanding and examining  fundamental issues in the design of future human computer interactions.  The format of the meetings will be a related collection of selected readings (2-3 papers and/or book chapters) that will be discussed and evaluated each week.   The participants will grapple with current topics and be flexible and open to new ideas within the research field.  Several topics will draw directly from work presented at the Human Centered Computing Seminar (HCC) and thus topics are subject to change.  Other topics will be chosen collectively by the group and its coordinators.  The success of this series depends on drawing from a diversity of backgrounds.  Individuals from all areas of interest, particularly those with non-technical backgrounds, are encouraged to attend.  To be added to the mailing list for this group, send mail to hcc-reading-request@cs.berkeley.edu.   To send info to the group send mail to hcc-reading@cs.berkeley.edu

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21 Jan

Why Bother with Technology?

Eric Paulos / Jason Hong

  Theodore Kaczynski, Industrial Society and Its Future, New York Times, 19 September 1995.

  Neil Postman, Informing Ourselves to Death, German Informatics Society (Speech), 1990.

  Related references:
     Junichiro Tanizaki, In Prase of Shadows, Leete's Island Books, 1934. (Dan Glaser)

28 Jan Elements of Human Social Interaction

Eric Paulos

  Edward Hall, The Hidden Dimension, Doubleday, 1966.
        Read Excerpt:  The Dynamism of Space pp 114-125

  Erving Goffman, Behavior In Public Places, Free Press, 1963.
        Read Excerpt:  The Structure of Face Engagements pp 88-99

  Claude Fischer, America Calling, UC Press, 1992.
        Read Excerpt:  The Telephone and Social Life pp 223-227

  Related references:
       Erving Goffman, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Doubleday, 1957.
       Stanley Milgram, The Individual in a Social World, McGraw Hill, 1977.
       Reeves and Nass, The Media Equation, CSLI, 1996.
4 Feb

Sociable Media

Danyel Fisher

  Heath and Luff, Disembodied Conduct: Communication Through Video in a Multi-Media Office Environment, ACM Digital Library, SIGCHI 1991.

  Sherry Turkle, Searching for Community in Cyberspace, 1995.

  Berry Wellman, Net Surfers Don't Ride Alone: Virtual Communities As Communities, 1996.

11 Feb Non-Verbal Communication

Francesca Barrientos

  Richard Heslin and Miles L. Patterson, Nonverbal Behavior and Social Psychology, Plenum Press, New York, 1982.
        Read Excerpt:  Chaper 3: "The Role of Noverbal Cues in Social Influence"
        Read Excerpt:  Chaper 4: "Regulation in Conversation"

  Paul Ekman, Why Don't We Catch Liers?, Social Reseach, Vol 63, No. 3 (Fall 1996).
25 Feb

Non-Verbal Communication 2

Francesca Barrientos

  J. Cassell and S. Prevost, Distribution of Semantic Features Across Speech and Gesture by Humans and Computers, Proceedings of the Workshop on the Integration of Gesture in Language and Speech.

  A. Guye-Vuilleme, Tolga apin, Igor Pandzic, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Daniel Thalmann, Non-Verbal Communication Interface for Collaborative Virtual Environments, Proc. CVE 98, Manchester, June1998.

4 Mar Mental Models


    Philip N. Johnson-Laird, Mental Models, 1997

    I. Lokuge, S. Gilbert, and W. Richards, Structuring Information With Mental Models: A Tour of Boston. SIGCHI 1996.

    Barbara Von Eckardt, Mental Reprsentations, 1997
11 Mar

Mental Models 2


   K. Ehrlich, "Applied Mental Models in Human Computer Interaction", in Oakhill and Granham (eds.) Mental Models in Cognitive Science, Psychology Press, p. 233-45, 1993.

    N. Staggers and A. F. Norcio, "Mental Models: Concepts for Human-computer Interaction Reseach", International Journal Man-Machine Studies, 38, 587-605, 1993.

18 Mar Usability Evaluations

Dan Glaser

   Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William H. Whyte and Marilyn Russell (video)

   MOMA Exhibit on design of light switches (video)

   Strauss Mouse Clip (CHI 93 video)
25 Mar

Spring Break

1 Apr Education

Jason Hong

   Changing the Centralized Mind (7 pages)

   Pianos Not Stereos: Creating Computational Construction Kits (7 pages)

   Technology in Schools: Local Fix or Global Tranformation? (3 pages)
15 Apr

Education 2

Jason Hong

  "Computers and Education" chaper from The Social Impact of Computers (note: skip pages 180-188)

22 Apr TBA

Jason Hong

Reading List: TBA
6 May

Mark Weiser Tribute

Mark Newman

  Some Computer Science Problems in Ubiquitous Computing, Mark Weiser

  The Computer for the Twenty-First Century, Mark Weiser

  Designing Calm Computing, Mark Weiser

  The Technologist's Responsibility and Social Change, Mark Weiser, Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, V2N4, April 1, 1995.

13 May Foundational HCI

Mark Newman

Reading List: TBA



Studies on Humans (Psychology/ Cog Sci) Chris Long
Discovering Users Needs (Ethnography) Mark N.
Education and Technology Danyel F.
Technology Adoption Danyel F.
Insight and Understanding John R.
Learning Process John R.
Information Architecture Mark N.
Affective Computing Eric P?


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Social Visulization
Is Net Art a Legitimate Art Form?
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