Research Design Solution

Shadow Play


01 Ideation

Proposed Ideas

During initial brainstorming, the group conceived of 20 ways to activate the space.

1. Moving Benches: The pre-existing benches in the space would move creating a game.

2. Block Puzzle: A puzzle celebrating old Pittsburgh while utilizing the parklet's bricks.

3. Garbage Tree: A tree whose condition is determined by the amount of trash in the parklet.

4. Gaze Detection: Silhouettes stare back at you when you stare at them.

5. Glass Floor: A digital floor that can provide for interaction landscapes and games.

6. Hanging Garden: A garden bringing more nature into the parklet and allowing for planting.

7. Jazz Benches: Each bench represents an instrument which is played while the bench is in use.

8. Light Up Squares: Tiles light up as people walk through the parklet.

9. Trash Magnification: Tiles light up as people walk through the parklet.

10. Pac-Man: A life-size version of Pac-Man, putting passersby in the game.

11. Conveyor Belt: A people mover to whisk people through the parklet.

12. Cannon: Shoot digital enemies using a special laser cannon.

13. Simon Says: Play a large-scale version of Simon Says.

14. Sky Dome: Project an image of sky above the space, making it usable despite the weather.

15. Laser TripWire: Create a tripwire maze that people can traverse.

16. Story Windows: Pique people's interest with a silhouetted story.

17. Turntable: Make part of the walkway into a giant, spinning turntable.

18. Waterfall Message: Print messages into a waterfall.

19. Whack-a-Mole: A giant game of Whack-a-Mole.

20. Windows to the World: Provide a live view into one or many of Pittsburgh's sister cities.

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute | Carnegie Mellon University