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Scenarios 02


02 Scenarios

Scenario 1

a better day starts with daycare

Sharon wakes up when she hears Zak come into her bedroom at 8am. She feels tired, as she had stayed up until 3 in the morning the night before trying to finish translating the last couple chapters of a German novel. She wants to spend time with her son, but realizes that waiting until he’s asleep to do work each night is not a solution. She hopes that by sending him to daycare 4 hours a day, she will be able to improve the quality of their time together.

Sharon leads Zak to the kitchen and fixes him a bowl of cereal. While Zak eats, Sharon sits down with a cup of coffee and looks at weather and air quality information using Appsthma. It looks like today will be sunny with fair air quality.

Appsthma keeps Sharon informed

After Zak finishes his cereal, Sharon puts Zak’s Appsthma bracelet on his wrist and reminds Zak to take his peak flow by blowing into his bracelet. Zak’s getting quite good at taking his peak flows on the bracelet and rarely makes mistakes. The peak flow reading was successful. The peak flow reading, along with Zak’s heart rate and O2 saturation, were sent to Sharon’s iPhone immediately.

easy comparison with past statistics

Sharon clicks on the Peak Flow button for more information. She sees a history of Zak’s past readings. The most recent reading is among his best readings, so Sharon is happy. Before leaving the house, Sharon checks Zak’s backpack to make sure that his puffer, doctor’s contact information, and her contact information are all in there. She reminds Zak to take his peak flow when his bracelet (or rather, his Power Rangers intercom) beeps, which is set to go off every two hours.

Scenario 2

health alerts

Sharon is in the middle of emailing her publisher when she hears an alarm from her iPhone. She discovers that it’s an Appsthma alert, informing her that Zak’s health requires attention. She clicks to view his vital statistics.

critical readings are highlighted

With Appsthma, she sees that Zak had missed his last scheduled peak flow measurement and his current heart rate is very high. She immediately clicks to call him on his “Power Rangers” intercom. Zak picks up and tells Sharon that everything is all right. He just forgot to measure his peak flow because he was having too much fun playing soccer. And then his heart started beating really fast. When he started wheezing, his playschool instructor helped him administer his puffer. The playschool teacher also chimes in on the other end and assures her everything is under control.

Sharon helps Zak get back on track

Sharon instructs Zak to measure his peak flow while she’s on the line. A few moments later, Sharon sees the updated readings on Appsthma and feels relieved. Sharon tells Zak she loves him and hangs up.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University