Project 4


Steely of the Strip is a set of kiosks situated in Pittsburgh's Strip District which helps encourage shoppers to explore the variety of stores the Strip has to offer. The kiosks also aim to bring people to the Strip on days other than Saturday and Sunday, its busiest days, as well as give children something fun to do while shopping with their parents.

The kiosk will provide users with a stamp card that they can bring with them to stores to be stamped when they purchase items. After finishing their day of shopping, users would return to a Steely kiosk and scan their to see if they've won a prize. We envision there being multiple kiosks throughout the Strip so that people can easily check their card at any time from any location. If users have collected enough stamps to win a prize, they can choose something from 3 different options: stickers/stamps, gift coupons, and discount coupons.

The gifts are associated with the stores that the users visited, thus it provides incentive for stores owners to put money into the kiosk (in the form of gifts and coupons) so that they will see future business. Additionally, some of the gifts and coupons will provide more benefit on weekdays as business during the week is very slow as we saw in our research. Finally, the stamps and stickers are rewards more suitable for children, and it is hoped that the process of collecting stamps on the Steely card will provide some sort of enjoyment for children as they shop with their parents.

The rest of this process book details our entire design process of how we went from a blank slate to user research to our final solution.

- Ayan Kishore
- Andrew La Padula
- Smitha Papolu
- Priyanka Shetye