Research Synthesis Design Solution



Information Architecture


This site exists in two halves. The private half allows users to create personal experience pages referring to their favorite concerts. By creating an "I was there page" the user has a place to create a small shrine, preserving his memories of the night, as well as bragging to anyone who will listen. Similarly the user can create a page idolizing their favorite bands or the venues they love to frequent. In any of these pages the user can store stories, reviews, trophies (souveniers and other take aways of the evening), and other media (such as photographs or videos).

All of this information is automatically tagged and transfered to the public half of the site. There public sites are created procedurally allowing for people to get full impressions about the events, bands and venues that users are talking about.


BID 2009 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University