IID.2007 - Project 4
Research Design Solution


An iPhone App for Custom Ride Services


phoneFaster than a bus, cheaper than a cab

This project demonstrates the conception and use of a new mobile product called FlexRide. FlexRide allows jitney drivers to keep track of their destinations and allow passengers greater flexibility in setting up rides.

Who uses it?
Drivers and passengers of a jitney service.

Why do they use it?
In the past, drivers would have to remember various pickup and drop-off points or communicate with dispatch. This could be frustrating for drivers and for passengers. There was also little opportunity for interpersonal communication between riders and drivers.

Our Project
Our project implements the use of a mobile device (in this case an iphone app) that allows greater personalization and communicationbetween riders and driver. It's our hope that our app will lower stress levels for all involved and allow for a greater sense of community.

We used the persona of a jitney driver "Coop" in an effort to explore the space. We made extensive sketches, enacted roleplaying, and created a demo of the product in use.

- Jon Bidwell
Alicia Tseng
Jim Vogt

IID 2009 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University