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Eric Paulos is a Research Scientist at Intel in Berkeley, California where he leads the Urban Atmospheres ( project – challenged to use provocative methods to understand the future fabric of our emerging digital and wireless urban landscape. Eric received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley where he researched scientific, and social issues surrounding internet based telepresence, robotics, and mediated communication tools. Eric has developed several internet based tele-operated robots including, Mechanical Gaze in 1995 and Personal Roving Presence devices (PRoPs) such as Space Browsing helium filled tele-operated blimps and ground based PRoP systems (1995-2000) (

You can find my personal homepage at

Urban Atmospheres

The Urban Atmospheres is focused on exploring how our everyday objects and public places can be augmented in meaningful and playful ways.  Just as we find tagging and message play in public places, so to will we find personal place based digital tools providing a rich patina to our lives.  This research effort is interested in exploring several themes within this space.  A few are listed below:

    Sashay (coming Summer 2006)

    Matchbooks (coming Summer 2006)


    Metapolis and Urban Life


    Urban Probes


    The Familiar Stranger

Intimate Computing

We are interested in understanding intimacy as a theme in ubiquitous computing research and its value to people. In particular creating tools that connect people in novel and meaningful ways and further promote the building and sustaining of relationships to groups and others.


    Mote SenseTable


DM 150: Activating Environments and Objects
Spring 2005 Course at the San Francisco Art Institute

CS160: Human Computer Interaction
Fall 2003 Course at UC Berkeley
Maribeth Back and myself taught this course while Jen Mankoff was on maternity leave
I advised three project groups:

    Handheld Assent Tracking System (HATS)
    Eastmont Intel Computer Clubhouse
    Sierra Club of San Francisco

UbiComp 2005: Metapolis and Urban Life
Workshop that I co-organized at UbiComp 2005 Conference

UbiComp 2004: UbiComp in the Urban Frontier
Workshop that I co-organized at UbiComp 2004 Conference

Street Talk: An Urban Computing Happening
Full Day Event held at the Intel Research Lab in Berkeley

UbiComp 2003 Demonstrations
Images from the Demonstrations that Allison Woodruff and I co-Chaired for UbiComp 2003 Conference

UbiComp 2003 Panel on Mobile Play
Images from the Panel I organized at UbiComp 2003 Conference

UbiComp 2003 Workshop on Intimate Computing
Images from the Intimate Computing Workshop that I co-organized at UbiComp 2003 Conference

ERG Research Blog (Intel access only)
A wiki-blog of research and ideas in my head

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030303: Collective Play
Colloquium exploring the technological, aesthetic and social-political issues associated with massively-multiplayer, immersive gaming

I've only listed recent / relevant publications below.  A more complete list can be found here (external).

Conference Papers:

Sashay: Designing for Wonderment
Eric Paulos and Chris Beckmann
ACM SIGCHI, April 2006

Metapolis and Urban Life             (Workshop Link here)
Eric Paulos, Ken Anderson, Michele Chang and Anthony Burke
Workshop at Ubiquitous Computing, September 2005

Jabberwocky: Your Personal Compass
Elizabeth Goodman
Where 2.0, O'Reilly Network, June 2005

Urban Probes: Encountering our Emerging Urban Atmospheres
Eric Paulos and Tom Jenkins
ACM SIGCHI, April 2005

Urban Atmospheres Workshop Newsletter
Eric Paulos and Tom Jenkins
Workshop position paper for Engaging the City: Public Interface and Civic Intermediary at ACM SIGCHI, April 2005

Our Emerging Urban Atmospheres: Urban Probes and Familiar Strangers
Eric Paulos
IEEE Pervasive Computing, April 2005

Urban Atmospheres
Eric Paulos
Keynote publication CiberArt Bilbao conference, August 2004

Eric Paulos and Tom Jenkins
Workshop position paper for Representations of Digital Identity at ACM CSCW, November 2004

UbiComp in the Urban Frontier             (Workshop Link here)
Eric Paulos, Ken Anderson, and Anthony Townsend
Workshop at Ubiquitous Computing, September 2004

The Familiar Stranger: Anxiety, Comfort, and Play in Public Places
Eric Paulos and Elizabeth Goodman
ACM SIGCHI, April 2004

Intimate Computing
Genevieve Bell, Tim Brooke, Elizabeth Churchill, and Eric Paulos
Workshop in Ubiquitous Computing, October 2003

Mobile Play: Blogging, Tagging, and Messaging
Eric Paulos Panel in Ubiquitous Computing, October 2003

Connexus: A Communal Interface
Eric Paulos in ACM DUX: Designing for User Experiences, San Francisco, June 2003.

Connexus: An Evocative Interface
Eric Paulos in ACM CSCW Workshop on Ad hoc Communications and Collaboration in Ubiquitous Computing Environments, New Orleans, November 2002.


Social Tele-embodiment: Understanding Presence
Eric Paulos and John Canny
Journal of Autonomous Robots
, July 2001

Optimal Probing Strategies
Eric Paulos and John Canny
International Journal of Robotics Research,
August 200

Book Chapters:

Personal Tele-embodiment: Reconstructing the Body for Online Interaction
Eric Paulos and John Canny in The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemonogy on the Internet, Edited by Ken Goldberg, MIT Press, 2000.

Personal Tele-embodiment
Eric Paulos and John Canny in Beyond Webcams: An Introduction to Online Robots, Edited by Roland Siegwart and Ken Goldberg, MIT Press, 2001.

PhD Dissertation:

Personal Tele-embodiment (282 pages / 11 MB)
Eric Paulos
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley, 2001


Tele-Action: A Framework for Collaborative Telepresence
with Ken Goldberg, Judith Donath, and David Pescovitz
 2001 (Pending)

Companies step up to fund basic research by Barbara Grady in Oakland Tribune 3 April 2006

C.S. and the City by David Pescovitz in Make Magazine volume 5, Feb 2006

Networked Artwork by Leah Hoffmann in Forbes November 2005

No Place to Hide at RFID Tracking Party by Declan McCullagh in CNET News October 2005

Meet Our Researchers by Jeannine Drew May 2005

Metropolis: Art and the City by Pierluigi Casolari Drew in Gulliver Magazine (Italia) Spring 2005

Random Acts of Technology by Linda Baker (Illustrations by John Hersey) in Southwest Airlines in flight Magazine Spirit May 2005

Telerobots Separated at Birth by David Pescovitz in Boing Boing 18 May 2005

Building the city of Tomorrow by Randy Gragg in The Oregonian 13 April 2005

Berkeley Team Produces Trashcan that Projects Its Contents in Engadget 22 February 2005

Material Worlds in Purse Lip Square Jaw  28 February 2005

A Phone is a Phone is a... in NY Arts November/December 2004

Urban Renewal the Wireless Way by Linda Baker in Salon 25 November 2004

Jabberwocky : ŕ la recherche des "étrangers familiers" in La Fing 25 May 2004

Our Emerging Urban Computing Landscape: Familiar Strangers in Receiver 10 June 2004

Life Imitates Art at Intel in Slashdot 14 May 2004

Intel: Keeping Tabs on Your Slithy Toves by Mark Frauenfelder in The Feature 11 May 2004

Urban Atmospheres/Urban Probes by Howard Rheingold in The Feature 10 May 2004

The Year in Technology 2003: Friend Frenzy by Jennifer Saranow in Wall Street Journal 11 December 2003 (locally cached version)

The Pulse of Love in a Digital Age by Daniel P. Jajeh in Intel Circuit 3 December 2003

Eric Paulos, the Playful Roboticist by Mark Frauenfelder in The Feature 25 July 2003

Alum Walks a Fine Line Between Sociology and Technology Research in Berkeley Engineering News 27 October 2003

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