Persona 1

Steven Stanley

steven stanley 62 yr old
Richmond, Virginia

Job: Financial accountant for Highmark, now retired
Marriage: Married for 30 yrs to Sue
Family: Justin (28) and Sarah (23). Justin is married to Irina and has a son Ben (11 months).

Activities and Interests
Gold member of the local golf club house
Daily subscription of the Washington Post
Completes the sudoku in the newspaper in 30 minutes
Currently working on a 25'' model sailboat
Goes for a quiet stroll or watch a movie with his wife every night
Fiscally responsible and spends money wisely

Planning a trip to revisit Spain with his wife
Sue loves buying gifts for family and friends
Wants to buy a souvenir for his new grandson
Has searched online to understand the new Euro currency

End goal
Buy gifts for their loved ones
Stay within a reasonable budget for souvenirs
Quickly log purchases

Experience goal
Simple and easy to use
Reminders against forgetfulness
Reliable information

Life goal
Stay healthy
Travel as much of the world as possible
Maintain a great relationship with his loved ones