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This is a well known traditional French recipe. It is a stew prepared with beef braised in Burgundy, beef broth, onions, garlic, and mushrooms.
Tags: French Beef Bacon  |  Difficulty: Hard  |  Cook Time: 1.5hours
Missing Equpiment: You do not have a torch.   (Incorrect?)
Creme brulee, French for burnt cream, is a custard dessert topped with a layer of burnt suger. It is served cold and traditionally flavored with vanilla.
Tags: French Cream Dessert  |  Difficulty: Medium  |  Cook Time: 1 hour
A refined version of scalloped potatoes, potatoes pave is an unforgettable French dish.
Tags: Butter Cream French Potato Thyme  |  Difficulty: Easy  |  Cook Time: 60 minutes
A delicious soup made from beef stock, onion and cheese. This traditional soup will be sure to warm you up.
Tags: Caramelize French Garlic Thyme  |  Difficulty: Medium  |  Cook Time: 25 minutes
Cassoulet is a rich combination of beans baked with meats, as much a part of Southwestern France as Boston baked beans are of New England
Tags: Duck French Plum Veal Chop  |  Difficulty: Medium  |  Cook Time: 2 hours