BID.2009 - Project 4
Research Synthesis Design Solution




The Meal Maker is a kiosk at the grocery store that allows you to print recipes. Using the kiosk is a simple way to find inspiration to increase your repertoire of cooking skills. For those who need a push to start cooking, the Meal Maker's appetising suggestions of easy to cook recipes is the perfect start at acquiring a life skill.

The placement of the mealmaker in a grocery store changes the order of shopping from deciding on a recipe, making a list for shopping and then buying the ingredients to choosing the ingredient that pleases you at the grocery store, finding a good recipe for that ingredient and then buying the rest of the ingredients.

To find recipes you can scan an ingredient and sensors will identify it allowing the kiosk to then show you a list of recipes for that ingredient. Alternatively you can browse a preset of recipes for that day, input a few ingredients to search for a recipe or hit the "I'm feeling hungry" option for a random recipe selection.

Recipes can be sorted on the basis of skill levels Easy, Medium and Hard. The time to cook is displayed with a short description of the recipe on each list.

After browsing through and selecting your recipe, the kiosk allows you to print the recipe and provides directions to find other ingredients in the store.

-- Kshama Nagaraja -- Karl Nieberding -- Rhoni Rakos -- Phil Sarin --

BID 2009 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University