BID - Project 2
Research Synthesis Design Solution



DIY Auto Repair Mobile App

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JumpStart is designed to help users with DIY auto repair. It is a mobile application that helps you find the problem, evaluate the severity, attempt a temporary fix or find a repairshop or call a tow truck. It is designed to completely encompass the user spectrum; from users who don't know a lot about automobiles to those who have knowledge of the finer details of automobile repair. Built to be used on any generic mobile device the App's interactions are simple and in keeping with current mobile software usage. Detailed yet easy to use, JumpStart provides its users with useful information in stressful awkward situations

The application provides instructions for diagnosis, a problem statement and suggests actions like perform a temporary fix, find a repairshop or call a tow truck. It also includes features such as voice recognition, GPS compatability and a detailed help. For users who'd like to know more about their vehicle, an 'Explore' section is provided.

- M. Azim Ali
François Chu
Kshama Nagaraja

BID 2009 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University