Mote SenseTable

Eric Paulos and Cory Sharp

Video of Mote SenseTable
(Windows Media / 300kbs)

The Mote SenseTable is a simple application of networked motes for use as a tangible interface.  Mounted under an ordinary table are 16 wirelessly connected motes.  Each mote uses an onboard magnetometer to sense metallic objects on teh table.  The network of motes calculate and track the position of the object.

The system operates independently of any externally connected PC.  In the application shown on the linked video, a single mote attached to a PC listens to the SenseTable's mote network traffic and renders an appropriate visualization of the data.  This is only one such example of networked motes for simple, compelling tangible interfaces.

See also: Tangible Media Group at MIT (external) and Tangible Interfaces: Crafting Ubiquitous Experience (external)

Many thanks for Jason Hill, Phil Levis, and Robert Szewczyk for much basic mote and sensorboard code used in the creation of this demo.

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