Intimate Computing

12 October
UbiComp 2003

Genevieve Bell  Intel Research
Tim Brooke Intel Research
Elizabeth Churchill FX Palo Alto Laboratory
Eric Paulos Intel Research

Intimate (Ubiquitous) Computing Workshop Paper (PDF)

Full Proceedings of all papers presented at the Intimate Computing workshop (PDF)


Genevieve, Tim, Elizabeth, and I wanted to thank all of those that made this year's Intimate Computing workshop at UbiComp such a tremendous success.  First and foremost a huge thank you to all of the participants for submitting such an incredibly inspirational collection of papers (recall that all of the papers can be downloaded from here). The speed research dating, the intimate objects, performances, new interfaces for future UbiComp conferences, breakouts, etc.  Thank you all so much. We hope to continue this dialogue and theme forward together. Updates to follow.

Below is a collection of photos and video of varying quality that I took during the workshop at UbiComp. I've also linked to some of the feedback about the workshop.  If you also have images I'm happy to post them.  Thanks again.

Comments by Anne Galloway on her blog about UbiComp (and workshop) Thanks Anne!

Link to more images and video by Elizabeth Churchill


All videos are in AVI format

Trevor's Intimate Object Performance

General Overview of Workshop Scene (at end)




































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