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Seems like a silly thing but I was curious one day so I traced it back as far as I could. Updates to this as I learn more. Individuals are listed in the form (Name / Place of PhD / Date of PhD). I traced it by hand back to 1954 but through the genius of the Theory of Computation Ph.D. Genealogy Database and The TCS Genealogy I was able to go back to 1856. Very nice.

Things get really interesting because Franz Neumann was influenced by Euler and had Kirchhoff was one of his students. Also, Carl Neumann was a friend of Ludwig Otto Hesse and studied Riemann surfaces.

Well now is 2003 and Benjamin Kuipers has sent me some updates that seem to lead this academic genealogy in a different course.  It seems the correct list (after Neumann) is:


This, which now seems it may be erroneous, is what I originally had from back in 1997 when I first made this list:

Anraham Gotthelf Kaestner / Göttingen University / 1719-1800?
Johann Friedrich Pfaff
/ Göttingen University / 1788
Dissertation tite: Programma inaugurale in quo peculiarem differentialia investigandi rationem ex theoria functionum deducit
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss
/ Brunswick Collegium Carolinum / 1799
Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann
/ Göttingen University / 1849
Carl Gottfried Neumann / University of Königsberg, Prussia / 1856
(Note: Carl was the son of Franz Neumann / Berlin / 1825)
William Edward Story / Leipzig / 1875
Solomon Lefschetz / Clark University, Worcester, MA / 1911
Albert Tucker / Princeton / 1932
Marvin Minsky / Princeton / 1954
Berthold Horn / MIT / 1970
Tomas Lozano-Perez / MIT / 1980
John Canny / MIT / 1987
Eric Paulos / UC Berkeley / 2001

Thanks to Judith Donath for passing on this information on the thesis from several of the above individuals.

AUTHOR :Horn, Berthold K. P. TITLE :Shape from shading; a method for obtaining theshape of a smooth opaque object from one view. PUBLISHED :1970. PHYSICAL DESC :197 leaves illus., diagrs., tables 30 cm. LIBRARY COLLECTION / CALL NUMBER STATUS / DUE DATE 1. ARCHIVES NOLOAN3 / THESIS Thesis E.E. 1970 Ph.D. In Library 2. BARKER STACKS / THESIS Thesis E.E. 1970 Ph.D. In Library

AUTHOR :Lozano-Perez, Tomas. TITLE :Spatial planning with polyhedral models / PUBLISHED :c1980. PHYSICAL DESC :174 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. LIBRARY COLLECTION / CALL NUMBER STATUS /DUE DATE 1. ARCHIVES NOLOAN3 / THESIS Thesis E.E. 1980 Ph.D. In Library

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